Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Supply & demand calculator - Help

This calculator supports demand calculation for Anno 2070 v2.0 with Deep Ocean expansion.

This calculator is designed to fit onto a Full HD screen (1920 x 1080px), so you can have it on a second screen while playing and see all relevant information.

1. Switch between versions

On the right to the headding there is a switch which toggles between Anno 2070 Classic and Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Mode. This is for scenarios, which disable the Deep Ocean expansion. The Classic mode is not compatible with version of Anno 2070 prior to v2.0!

2. Using Presets

To the right of the mode switch you will find the preset panel. Presets store your settings between browser sessions.

2.1. Load

Loading a preset restores the saved values to your calculator. You have to explicitly click "Load" for the preset to take effect. This overwrites all current values, so use with caution!

2.2. Save

To save a preset input a name into the text box next to the "Save" button and click "Save". When a preset was loaded, there will be a "Save as" button. Clicking this button will save the current state into the loaded preset.

2.3. Autosave

Automatically save every change to the data into the loaded preset. This only works when a preset was loaded! When loading another preset while autosave is turnd on, autosave will be turned off for safety.

2.4. Delete

You can delete the currently selected preset in the drop down menu by clicking "Delete". The preset does not have to be loaded to be deleted!

3. Calculate Inhabitants Demand

To calculate the demand for your city, just input the number of inhabitants into the first row below their faces. The demand will be calculated automatically. Alternatively you can enter the number of houses into the second row belo their faces.

The Numbers below the product icons show the required number of factories to satisfy the demand. For materials the number below the icon shows how many factories for the material are needed to sustain the production af the corresponding product. If a material is required for multiple production chains, their demand is not accumulated together.

3.1. Handling Productivity

If you have production enhancing effects, you can factor them in by putting them into the field directly over each product image.

3.2. Alternative Supply

Products with gray background are alternatives, you only need one of them.

4. Calculate Producation Material Demand

Put the amount of building material factories you want to sustain on right to the inhabitants inputs. The raw material demand will be shown on the bottom of the calculator.

5. Calculate Inhabitants With Maximum Upgrades

Use the sliders in the bottom row of the inhabitans input matrix to select the maximum level you want to upgrade your inhabitants to and input the total amount of houses you have built for the faction to left. The number of maximum achievable amount of houses and inhabitants will be calculated automatically. This will overwrite all values currently set, so use with caution!


Locks the maximum upgrade calculation to prevent accidental overwriting you inhabitants and houses values.


Check any of the checkboxes to enable the corresponding option. The demand will be updated automatically.


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